The e-Residency
Program of Estonia

Estonia offers a digital identity issued by the government, that allows online entrepreneurs to start a European company and manage it on the go.

e-Residency of Estonia

So What’s the e-Residency
Program of Estonia?

A revolutionary initiative

Estonia is considered the most advanced digital society of our time, and this has been deemed the most ambitious and innovative project in the IT and business fields to ever be conducted by a government.

The e-Residency program allows anyone to become an e-resident of the baltic country, obtaining an ID card with a certificate. This digital identity allows you to access the Estonian administration and identifies you as a member of the digital nation.

e-Residency kit
e-Residency card

So why is that interesting?

Although that card does not grant you any physical residence or citizenship rights, it allows you to do a lot of different things, from signing documents to founding a company in Estonia without ever visiting the country. It is a gateway to the Estonian digital administration.

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Benefits of Having a Company in Estonia

Global Corporate Bank Account

Global Corporate
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