We Believe in Independence, Simplicity, and the Right to Be Sovereign of Your Own Life

Where technology allows you to be free,
work and launch a business from anywhere
How We Contribute

We help online entrepreneurs run their businesses to have more time to do what they love.

And how we achieve this?

  • With an all-in-one platform to manage accounting, taxes, and payroll.
  • Thanks to automation and simplifying processes, it’s possible to avoid errors and save time.
  • Our Customer Service team and expert accountants are always on the other side.
There’s Always a Story Behind Every Business

Ignacio Nieto and Miguel Piñas founded Companio in 2018, but before that, they were freelancers and had to deal with administrations and archaic business systems that do not fit into the new reality, which is global and digital.

They had to work hard, but they found a much simpler way to do things.

They decided they wanted to help as many entrepreneurs as possible facing the same problems.

Their mission is for entrepreneurs to achieve the same freedom and independence they enjoy today.

Companio is much more than opening a company 100% remote
  • It’s complete business management: accounting, payroll, and taxes from one place.
  • It allows you to do tasks and procedures in a couple clicks: your invoices or even opening a bank account.
  • It offers the same quality of service without paying more. We do not distinguish between “basic” and “premium” services, and it is possible to connect unlimited bank accounts.
These Are Our Values
We want entrepreneurs to create a business and run it from wherever they want. Our team works around the world.
We share everything we know to help businesses grow and free themselves from paperwork and traditional bureaucracy.
Live the life you want
Geographical independence and saving time in managing your business allow our customers to focus on doing what they want.
Invent for the greater good
We constantly create and improve to make management simpler, faster, and more automated.
Real disruption
Technology allows us to disrupt old beliefs and systems. To dissolve outdated stereotypes and tired ways of working and being.
We believe in a global, diverse, and inclusive environment
Therefore, we create a work environment that supports employees and customers of all backgrounds, genders, religions, and cultures.
Simplicity and humility
We work hard to achieve more with less.
We embrace uncertainty and challenges
As they are the only possible way of growing.
Our Team
CEO & Co-founder
Digital nomad, multipotentialite, and captain of the ship.
COO & Co-founder
Born as an entrepreneur, and now chief of operations.
HR Manager
She hunts talents and takes care of the well-being of our family.
Our Team
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