Learn to Manage Your Business in Estonia

And discover (in just 3 minutes/day) how you can save time and avoid headaches in your accounting, finances, and taxes.

The Most Important (And Scarce) Resource for Entrepreneurs

Surely you have heard this a thousand times…

“Time is money”.

Although this quote is really old (from Benjamin Franklin in the 18th century), it’s still true nowadays for any entrepreneur.

It doesn’t matter how passionate you are about what you do or the purpose of your business. It cannot survive or grow without customers or results.

Let’s be clear: you have to earn money.

But for earning money, there’s an even more critical resource, which is necessary … Time.

El tiempo es dinero
Es un recurso que no puede crecer ni aumentar

It’s a resource that cannot grow or increase. The day has 24 hours for everyone.

It’s a resource that cannot grow or increase. The day has 24 hours for everyone.

Therefore, you have to know how to manage it and prioritize those activities that help you achieve results.

I know! The theory sounds great, but the reality is different.

If you are an entrepreneur, you don’t only have to complete all the tasks related to your business but also be an accountant, tax advisor, and financial expert.

Because if you don’t have control over what is happening in your business or the rules you have to follow, you’ll have no direction, and you can get a hefty fine.

But the truth is that learning and managing all of this takes away the time and energy you know you could spend on other more important (and fun) tasks for your business.

That’s Why We’ve Created the Course “Learn How to Manage your Estonian Company in a Few Clicks”

You can learn from the sofa, or from wherever you want, how you can manage your company in Estonia in a simple and time-saving way.

We don’t want you to waste time trying to understand complicated accounting, tax, and finance concepts.

If you are a digital entrepreneur, freelancer, or Companio’s client and want to learn how to manage your Estonian company or get the most out of our dashboard, this course is for you.

This Is What You’ll Learn in This Course