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Get Real Creative
Consulting & Branding
"We not only saved on expenses but we also learned an incredible amount of new information that our old agency didn’t tell us."
Product Designer
"I chose Companio because the customer service team was always available to answer my questions."
Marina Febles
"Its dashboard is great to keep the accounting month by month and its support team is UNIQUE."
David Huerga
Podcaster & Youtuber
“Companio solved all our doubts and helped us understand all the difficult concepts.”
Diana Árbol
Ikigai Healer
"I can rely on a very efficient customer service team and all the web tutorials that help me."
Five Media Lab
Digital Services Platform
"Registering the company, accountancy, and taxes were exactly as they were supposed to be."
Luis García
Trainer & Writer
"Your professional and supportive team has always been patient and kindly explains everything to me."
Simple 3-Step Online Process
  1. Choose your company name.
  2. Add the company’s data.
  3. Make the payment.

Companio takes care of everything, including your corporate bank account application and VAT number.

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This is how we help you to live the life you love
The team is here to help you
All Companio plans include accounting and reporting
Every day, we monitor deadlines, file paperwork, and respond to inquiries. The plan covers all common resolutions and monthly filings.
You get an accountant and a customer support agent assigned who become familiar with the details of your company.
They take care of the paperwork, know what needs to be filed, and can help you with exemptions and reliefs.
AI with a purpose
Companio has a significant commitment to technology and automation. To give us all more time to devote to fostering the expansion of your business
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