International Payroll for e-residents of Estonia

Simplify international employment: register, pay, comply – all in one place. Focus on growing your Estonian business.
Rapid Global Expansion
Hire top talent anywhere, anytime in 24 hours.
Streamline Payroll
Pay easily across borders, lowering costs with a single platform.
Legal Peace of Mind
Compliance with local employment regulations guaranteed.
Why We Are Your Perfect Match
  • Effortless Growth: Operate in 80+ countries.
  • Transparent Pricing: No Surprises, No Hidden Charges.
  • Easy-to-Use Platform: Simple Management at Your Fingertips.
  • One-Click Integration: Connect and Unify with Your Companio Panel.
How Does Seamless Integration Work?
Access the Exclusive Companio Work Service
Companio Work, our comprehensive employee management solution, is exclusively available to our clients. To get started, simply login to your Dashboard.
Discover Companio Work in Your Dashboard
Once you're inside your Dashboard, you'll find a dedicated menu for Companio Work. This is where the magic happens. Click on it to explore a world of streamlined business operations.
Effortlessly Add New Employees
Inside the Companio Work menu, you can seamlessly add new employees to your roster. It's as easy as clicking a button and filling in the necessary details. No complications, no stress.
Embrace the All-in-One Advantage
Everything you need, from initial company setup to meticulous accounting, intricate tax management, and now employee operations, is under one roof.
Expand Your Workforce Globally with Companio
From Payments to Offboarding. We've Got You Covered!
390 per employee/ month
  • Hire in 80+ countries in 24 hours
  • No need to set up local entities
  • Locally compliant labor contracts
  • Streamlined management: social security and employee taxes
  • Business Accounting Compliance
  • Payslip generation
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Here, we break down what's considered for your initial and subsequent invoices.
Enter the NET salary of the employee (amount of money that will reach their bank account)
Country of residence of the employee
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Frequently Asked Questions

Companio Work operates as an Employer of Record (EOR) for the employee, acting as the official employer on your behalf, even though they work directly for your company. We accomplish this through entities registered in the respective countries or trusted providers.

As an EOR, we handle all aspects of employee management, including registration, payroll processing, salary disbursement, social taxes, and employee benefits. This arrangement allows your company to focus on its core activities while we take care of employment’s administrative and legal aspects.

On the 25th of the following month, we will charge you the first monthly fee (the fee is charged when we complete the monthly accounting, which always happens on the following month, so your September accounting fee is charged on the 25th of October).

Please note that you will receive two separate invoices if you have contracted both Companio and Companio Work services.

No, there is no minimum requirement. You can add as many employees or contractors as you need.

Companio Work accommodates full-time and part-time international hires, offering flexibility to suit your business needs.

We support digital, location-independent freelancers and businesses of all kinds.

Companies with multiple shareholders, board members, activities, bank accounts, and employees are welcome, from freelance programmers to SaaS startups, FBA, and dropshipping online shops to marketing agencies.

The activity of your business must be digital, and your business should only have a permanent establishment in Estonia.