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Our monthly fee adapts to your number of invoices every month (income & expenses). The prices shown do not include 20% VAT.
Start Your Estonian Business for 390
120 discount
(*) Valid until April 30, 2023. You will get the discount on your monthly fee.
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Monthly Fee
Monthly Fee
Up to 20 Bills
21 – 40
41 – 200
201 – 500
501 – 1,000
More than 1,000 invoices/mo
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No of invoices
Monthly price
What’s Included in Our Services?
Business Incorporation
3-Step Online business incorporation
Incorporate your business in Just 5 minutes!
VAT, OSS or EORI application
This includes VAT application, European Vies registration, employee registration, and registration in the OSS scheme.
Shareholders and board members
Each extra member pays €50+VAT.
Assistance for opening a bank account
We recommend you the best options, and guide you through the process.
e-Residency application support
Our Customer Support Team helps you with the application.
Compliance with Estonian regulations
We know Estonian law and its updates.
Activities supported
See the the list of non supported activities here
Dropshipping, FBA, e-commerce
Our all-in-one dashboard allows you to launch and run your online business in Estonia.
Virtual office
Inluding person of contact, legal address, posta mail forwarding, documents digitalization, subject to the subscription to a monthly accounting plan.
Investment activitites
See the requirements here
Learn more about the requirements here
Business Magement Back-Office
Invoicing tool with branded invoices
Your invoices made in a couple of clicks and without using Excel!
Bank reconciliation
Match your movements with your bank statements.
Employees and salaries
Register the payments and payrolls. Our system takes care of the taxes.
Business travels
Register your business trips, expenses, and daily allowance to deduct them.
VAT and TSD reports
The accounting of your company, the reports and the taxes presented always under control.
Virtual office management
We scan the post and forward the received packages to you.
Invoices forwarding email
Email address for receiving your invoices automatically.
Suported integrations with 2395 banks in the EEA
See the full list here
Multicurrency accounting
Add your invoices in the currencies you want.
Monthly bank transactions
Upload every month all the movements.
Monthly payment gateways transactions
Connect your payment gateways (Paypal, Stripe, Mollie, etc).
VAT declaration
TSD reporting
OSS and IOSS reporting
Payroll accounting
Register your payments and payrolls.
Pay yourself a salary & dividends
Pay salaries to employees
Employees must be Estonian tax residents
Mandatory reporting to Statistics Estonia
Corporate taxes filed in Estonia
Preparation & submission of annual report
Automated and audited by our professional team!
Virtual office
Inluding person of contact, legal address, posta mail forwarding, documents digitalization.
Annual report for previous period
Adding a board member after the registration of the company is done
€99 + VAT
Adding an apostille
€99 + VAT
Adding notary marks
€99 + VAT
Alter the article of association
€30 + VAT
Board member(s) resolution
€30 + VAT
Certificate of no tax debt from the Estonian Tax Office
€49 + VAT
Certificate of VAT registration
€49 + VAT
Change in share capital
€99 + VAT
Change of company name
€99 + VAT
Documents generating
€99 + VAT
Extended registry information (notarized and with an apostille)
€99 + VAT
Extended registry information (notarized)
€30 + VAT
Formation of voluntary equity reserve
€99 + VAT
Help with the audit of the company's annual report
€599 + VAT
€450 + VAT
List of beneficial owners
€30 + VAT
Power of attorney document
€99 + VAT
Power to act on behalf of the company
€30 + VAT
Proof of income tax paid on distributed dividends
€49 + VAT
Proof of residency and tax liability
€49 + VAT
Register the contribution of the share capital, translations and apostilles
€650 + VAT
Registration of share capital
€99 + VAT
Submitting a request for postponement of tax debt payment
€49 + VAT
Sworn Translation (English/ Russian/ Spanish/ Ukraine -> Estonian) Accounting/ Auditing/ Tax/ Business Incorporation/ Banking / VAT Related Documents
€250 + VAT onwards
VAT declaration for previous period
Starting from €79 + VAT
VAT Reclaims
€99 + VAT
Delay Fees
Late documents submission fee
Late monthly payment fee
0.5% per day of delay
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Crypto Company?
We’ve Got You Covered
Company Incorporation
Set up your Estonian company in minutes and get the €120 e-Residency fee back. (*)
If you already have a cryptocurrency company and switch to Companio.
99/hs + VAT
It includes the usual services: the management of your accounting, taxes, employees and salaries, bank integration, virtual office, registration of business trips, and more.
(*) Your company is considered a crypto company if it holds any crypto assets, or tokens with monetary values, offers an ICO/IPO, performs transactions, pays employees, or receives payments in crypto. A license may be required to operate with a crypto company if it offers services to third parties. In that case, Companio can only do your company's accounting if it has the required licenses established by Estonian law. If you have questions about the requirements read this section.
Frequently Asked Questions

Once your company’s been registered, we will start working on your accounting, taxes, and compliance. On the 25th of the following month, we will charge you for the first monthly fee (the fee is charged when we complete the monthly accounting, which always happens on the following month, so your September accounting fee is charged on the 25th of October).

Every month, we calculate the number of invoices uploaded to the platform, including sales and purchase invoices, which need to be considered for the monthly accounting and used to calculate the fee.

Please, remember that this fee is, thus, dynamic, changing every month as the number of invoices of your company changes. Therefore, if one month you have fewer invoices than the previous one, you may also pay less for our monthly service.

The minimum €79+VAT monthly fee always applies regardless of the number of invoices.

The monthly accounting fee is independent of the number of members of your company.

If you’re starting an Estonian business and want to get back the €120 e-Residency application fee, a minimum contract period of 3 months with us since you registered your company is required.

No commitment period is required if you don’t want to get this discount.

If you switch to Companio, there is a minimum commitment period of three months.

We support digital, location-independent freelancers and businesses of all kinds.

Companies with multiple shareholders, board members, activities, bank accounts, and employees are welcome, from freelance programmers to SaaS startups, FBA, and dropshipping online shops to marketing agencies.

The activity of your business must be digital, and your business should only have a permanent establishment in Estonia.

1. With this offer, we apply a €120 discount on your following monthly fee(s), so the e-Residency application is free if the general rate is applied.

2. It only applies to registrations between January 30 and April 30, 2023.

3. This offer is not cumulative or compatible with any other offer or promotion.

4. The total amount of the refund will be €120 regardless of the number of members of the company.