Launch & Run a Successful Dropshipping Company in the EU … From ANYWHERE

Our back-office platform allows you to launch and run your dropshipping company online in Estonia. We’ll handle the rest: accounting, reports, and taxes.
How it works?
Benefits of Being a Companio Client
A company in the European Union
Your problem? You need access to the EU market. The solution? Us!
Global Payment Solutions
Companio integrates with hundreds of international banking solutions.
We apply for your EU VAT number
Get your own VAT number for free with your registration package.
VAT submission in all EU countries
It’s like having an accountant in every EU country, but better!
Invent for the Greater Good
  • We accompany clients through the e-Residency application process.
  • Manage your company 100% online, no need to be in one place.
  • You focus on your business, we do the accounting.
  • Don’t worry about VAT declaration in other countries, we do it for you.
Trust and Expertise

Dropshipping could be overwhelming when it comes to taxes, VAT declaration, and tax declaration for each country you sell your products in. While the owner has to handle providers, payments, logistics, and more; we are experts in providing the best online accounting solutions.

Connect With Hundreds of Banks
Through Open Banking Solution

We connect all your business bank accounts through an API. Control all your bank movements, payments, expenses, sales, transfers, and more.

We Submit VAT Applications for You!

Every time you have sales in a country that exceed the minimum sales amount for the VAT application, we do it for you. You will not have to carry out these procedures yourself that take up time, we do it. You just have to focus on selling, and Companio takes care of the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once your company’s been activated, we will start working on your accounting, taxes, and compliance. On the 25th of the following month, we will charge you for the first monthly fee (the fee is charged when we complete the monthly accounting, which always happens on the following month, so your September accounting fee is charged on the 25th of October).

It depends on your plan:

  • The Virtual plan’s fee is always the same (€29/month).
  • We calculate the Pro plan’s fee in proportion to the number of invoices. Calculate your estimated monthly fee here.
  • In the Premium plan, we calculate it depending on the number of invoices. Read more.

If you’re starting an Estonian business and want a discount of €125 on the registration fee, a minimum contract period of 3 months with us since you registered your company is required.

No commitment period is required if you don’t want to get this discount.

If you switch to Companio, there is a minimum commitment period of three months.

We support digital, location-independent freelancers and businesses of all kinds.

Companies with multiple shareholders, board members, activities, bank accounts, and employees are welcome, from freelance programmers to SaaS startups, FBA, and dropshipping online shops to marketing agencies.

The activity of your business must be digital, and your business should only have a permanent establishment in Estonia.

1. With this offer, we apply a €125 discount on your registration fee.

2. This offer is not cumulative or compatible with any other offer or promotion.

3. The total amount of the discount will be €125 regardless of the number of members of the company.

Are You Ready for World Domination With a Borderless e-Commerce Business?

By the power of Estonia’s e-Residency and Companio’s platform, you can have a successful dropshipping business in the EU with just one click…