Do You Have an Audience of Online Entrepreneurs?

Become an ambassador for Companio, recommend us, and get up to €75 for each new customer.
Our Mission

We help digital entrepreneurs to create and manage their international business in Estonia 100% remotely and from one place: our dashboard.

We aim to save them time on accounting, taxes, and payrolls to focus on their business to grow without borders.

We’ve already helped more than 1500 entrepreneurs, do you help us to reach more?

This Program Is Perfect for You if…
  1. Your followers are entrepreneurs with international online businesses. For example, global companies that work remotely, online agencies, SaaS platforms, or startups.
  2. You meet any of the following requirements:
    • You are an e-resident with a business in Estonia.
    • You have a company that is part of the e-Residency marketplace.
    • You are a digital nomad.
    • You write in a blog with regular readers who may be interested in our services.
    • You are a content creator on Youtube, FB, Instagram, Tiktok, etc.
    • You run a co-working.
    • You are an influencer.
How Does It Work?
Share your link
We give you an affiliate link to share with your followers on Social Media, your blog, email, etc.
Everybody wins
For each new Companio customer who registers with that link, you earn €50. We also deduct €50 from the new customer’s registration fee.
What if you’re crushing it?
If you get more than 5 customers monthly, you get €75 for each new customer.
4 Steps to Success
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4 Steps to Success

Fill out the form

Click the “Be an ambassador” button and answer a few basic questions about yourself and your business.

We review the application

We’ll contact you if we need documentation or more information about your business.

Let’s start collaborating!

Once your application is approved, we’ll sign the contract to begin working together.

We give you access to Companio’s affiliate platform

Here, you’ll be able to:

  • Copy the affiliate link to share it.
  • See how many people have purchased in real-time.
  • Create and download invoices for payment.
  • Download the sharing material.