From Software Developer to Online Consulting Expert: Thiago’s Story of Reinvention

Silvana Lucido
20 February 2024
From Software Developer to Online Consulting Expert: Thiago’s Story of Reinvention | Companio

What does software development have to do with online consulting services for digital nomads looking to live in Portugal? 

That’s what Thiago Vieira— lawyer and online consulting expert specializing in assisting digital nomads and startups in Portugal —will tell us in this article. He also discusses the challenges he has faced and the keys to success.

The Transition from Software Developer to Online Consulting Expert and Lawyer

The first question that arose for us, and probably for you too, is why a software developer decided to become a lawyer and work a

s an online consultant. Thiago tells us the story:

“I was influenced by my family. My godmother is a lawyer, and always encouraged me to become one too. 

In 2012, I decided to start a Law course, and in 2017, I completed it. 

Since then, I have always combined my computer science knowledge with the law; nowadays, 90% of my clients are in the tech field.

As a lawyer with programming knowledge, I can understand them more easily and propose better solutions.”

But how was that transition? How did it lead to a business idea?

“I had to start from scratch. I had no knowledge in the legal area. 

In 2018, I moved to Portugal and, as an immigrant, I began to understand the difficulties of the process. From then on, I started developing a digital immigration consulting product, initially without focusing on digital nomads. 

In 2022, I opened my company in Estonia with Companio and started studying the tax agreement between Portugal and Estonia. In 2023, Portugal enacted the digital nomad visa law, so I started thoroughly researching this niche and ended up specializing in it.”

The 3 Main Challenges as an Online Consulting Expert and Entrepreneur

Thiago talks about the main challenges he has faced as an entrepreneur in the past and present, as an online consultant:

“I had a software development company for 8 years, and my biggest challenges were competition and scaling the business. 

As a business grows, you face greater difficulties related to scaling operations, managing a larger workforce, or expanding into new markets.

On the other hand, I didn’t find the right people to form a team, which is very important, in my opinion.”

He asserts that these are currently his major challenges:

“Firstly, market competition sometimes makes it difficult to stand out. 

Secondly, I would say adapting to change. The business environment is dynamic, and it can be challenging to adapt to technological changes, market trends, and regulations. 

And finally, time management. I usually have many tasks and responsibilities, which leads to time management issues.”

Keys to Success as an Online Consulting Expert

Despite the difficulties Thiago mentions, what have been his keys to success as an online consultant, lawyer, and online entrepreneur? He reveals them to us:

“The success of remote work and running a business remotely depends on careful planning, effective communication, and the use of technology appropriately. 

The adaptability and a focus on maintaining a positive work culture are key factors in ensuring a smooth transition to remote work environments. 

The best part for me is flexibility. Remote work offers flexibility in terms of working hours and location. This flexibility allows for greater job satisfaction and work-life balance.”

Additionally, Thiago decided to open his company in Estonia through the e-Residency program:

“As a 100% digital person, I chose a country with good digital services. Estonia is known for its advanced digital infrastructure, and e-Residency offers access to various online services, including business registration, banking, and taxation. 

Furthermore, after my research, I discovered that Estonia has a very competitive tax system for digital nomads compared to other countries, especially if you provide services and your client is not within the EU.”

The Solution for Opening and Managing His Online Consulting Business

After deciding to open his online business in Estonia, he needed to find a company to help him open and manage it. This is how he found us:

“Researching on Google and in the market, I realized that the system was very easy to use, all online and 100%, as it should be. 

In Portugal, for example, there is still no company that allows you to open a company online, offering accounting and banking services integrated into a single platform.”

And how was this process of opening the company with Companio? What is it like to manage the accounting and business operations day-to-day with us? Thiago tells us:

“Basically, you fill out a form and sign a paper digitally; Companio takes care of everything else. Very easy. 

I rate the customer support 5 stars; you are great. Anastasiia is the best accountant I have ever met.”

From Code to Laws: Thiago’s Transformation into an Online Consulting Expert

Thiago has shared an inspiring story with us. He used to work in software development but now he helps digital nomads and startups settle in Portugal as an online consultant and lawyer.

His transformational story demonstrates that anything is possible with perseverance, adaptability, and a search for innovative solutions in an ever-changing business world. 

It also reminds us that reinvention and innovation are crucial for success in an ever-evolving business world.

But beyond professional accomplishments, Thiago speaks of something much more important: purpose and personal satisfaction.

“I have no regrets; it was one of the best things I did professionally. 

Right now, I feel fulfilled and happy because I have a purpose in life: to help digital nomads settle in Portugal, paying only the taxes that are really necessary. 

When we work with a purpose without thinking about money, prosperity is a consequence.”

If you want to know more about Thiago and the services he offers, you can take a look at his website, and if you’re thinking of having an online consulting business in Estonia, discover how Companio can help you here.

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