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We are company incorporation and business management platform that empowers people to set up their businesses and work from anywhere in the world. We aspire to put freedom within everyone’s reach.

We pride ourselves on fostering a working environment that supports and celebrates all of our employees, from all backgrounds, genders, religions, and cultures.

We are always looking for talented, passionate people who want to contribute to our goal of changing the lives of thousands of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and global workers. Want to join us?

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Open positions

Senior Accountant

Accountancy Department

Full-time, Perks

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Accountant and Fiscal Advisor

Accounting Department

Full-time, Perks

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Customer Support Specialist

Customer Support

Full-time, Perks

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* Updated, April 2022

What it’s like working with us?

Your Company In Estonia Team

Working here is a bit like the Goldilocks Zone…

We embrace the start-up culture. It’s fast-paced, you’ll tackle tech challenges and we live our core value: freedom — to pursue your goals, unencumbered by a national border or bureaucracy.

But, we are also established. The company’s lean and profitable — with a working product that’s a reference for others. So, you’ll contribute at a critical stage for our success, certain that it’s a secure investment.

Hi! I am Ignacio, the CEO

How To Become A Digital Nomad -And Why-

I am a digital nomad and location-independent entrepreneur. I have worked in a grey cubicle before, being a cog in a giant machine, and I know how it feels. I value freedom over most other things. That’s why I built a company where freedom is paramount and everyone can make a difference.

If you’re proactive (you are passionate about the things you love), curious (you seek out challenges), and you want to work in a flat organization, where individual responsibility and ideas are more important than hierarchies and positions, don’t be shy, say hi!