How Companio Took Five Media Lab to the Next Level

17 September 2020
How Companio Took Five Media Lab to the Next Level | Companio

In recent years, online marketing has seen a massive boom. Since a strong online presence is essential for businesses to thrive, we reached out to an entrepreneur with decades of experience in this field.

Leandro from Five! Media Lab (an online marketing agency in Estonia) discusses why he used Estonian e-Residency for his company. He also reveals the advantages and support he received from a 100% online system.

What Is “Five! Media Lab”?

Five! Media Lab is a digital business with 20 years of experience. We offer tools for companies – of all sizes – to develop efficient strategies to attract customers. Our specialty is lead generation campaigns on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. By automating contact with purchase decision-makers and potential clients on LinkedIn, we currently deliver more than 50,000 B2B leads every month.

What Was the Most Important Element You Wanted from Your Business?

Freedom is absolutely something that I looked for in my business.

Before Five!, I ran a company with 45 people working full-time in an office setting. We had investors, PR, all that typical entrepreneurial stuff. Over time, I understood that this wasn’t the most profitable model – or the one I wanted for my business life.

That freedom extends to the Five! team: We’ve always been 100% remote, so everyone (excluding customer service) follows their own schedule.

What Do You Look for in – and Provide – Your Clients?

While you need to pivot and reinvent yourself, businesses need to know how to sustain their business over time. Most people who start in the digital world want to create an exponential growth curve, encouraged by media coverage that exaggerates the benefits of entrepreneurship and sells a success model (that’s often unattainable).

After going through this stage years ago, I appreciate businesses with more realistic growth curves, proven profitability, and sustainability. The only way to achieve something like this is by thinking long-term.

What Was Your Main Motivation to Obtain e-Residency?

I’m from a country where entrepreneurs are punished with taxes that aren’t just unfair: They’re among the highest in the world, making it prohibitive to start a new business. The biggest obstacle is the bureaucracy itself!

I deserved better. And in Estonia, I found a system designed to encourage the growth of borderless digital companies.

Why Did You Choose Estonian e-Residency?

I discovered the e-Residency program while researching tax legislation in different countries around the world. My goal was to build a scalable structure that would allow me to invoice customers with a respectable EU entity.

How Has Companio Helped You?

Companio has been immensely helpful. Registering the company, accountancy, and taxes were exactly as they were supposed to be. Nowadays, the thought of opening a company through a series of tedious, costly processes seems ridiculous.

Why Did You Choose Companio for Your Company in Estonia?

I appreciated that the information provided to me was very clear. I compared everything I found on their website with other specialists and observed a comprehensive level of knowledge throughout the entire team. Their excellent platform really stands out and the customer service is the best I’ve experienced.

What’s Coming up for Five Media Lab?

Until recently, Five! was 100% focused on the Spanish-speaking market (we have clients in almost all Spanish-speaking countries). Over the past couple years, we have been developing our structure to expand globally to the international market.

By visiting our website, you can have a look at what we do – and even book a call to discover more!

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