Estonian e-Residency, Learn How David Huerga Launched His Online Business

29 January 2019
Estonian e-Residency, Learn How David Huerga Launched His Online Business | Companio

David Huerga is a multidisciplinary entrepreneur with an exciting story. In his latest project with Manuel Conde, “Falla Con Éxito”, he offers a unique perspective on entrepreneurship: accepting mistakes as a necessary element to learn from in order to achieve professional and personal success. Read our interview to find out how the Estonian e-Residency program allowed him to launch his online adventure.

Tell us about your business, what is “Falla Con Éxito OÜ” how does it begin? What was your main motivation?

Falla Con Éxito is a web platform and also the name of our flagship course. It focuses on how to use failure in our favor. Its main premise is that, contrary to what we’ve been taught in school, making mistakes is part of the way to success and in fact a necessary step. And therefore, learning from our mistakes is crucial to keep progressing on our way.

Falla Con Exito was born thanks to the union of David Huerga, a young poker professional and entrepreneur, and Manuel Conde, a lecturer, writer, and entrepreneur with a long background in different areas of expertise.

So the main motivation behind the project is making people understand that knowing ourselves and being able to control our emotions and learning from them is key to achieving success in all areas of life.

The name seems to speak for itself and it’s also our main motto “Fail with success” because it has been a determining factor in the life of David, Manuel and we are sure that in the life of most people, or at least of that which gets great results

Your business, being totally online, serves a market today that didn’t exist years ago. Do you think that this new type of digital business is understood today by local administrations?

I think that some countries like Estonia understand this business model much better and give lots of resources to aspiring online entrepreneurs willing to start a new business.

In the end, administrations are composed of human beings and -sometimes old- structural systems, and both are usually reluctant to change. This is not bad in itself as long as if does not stop progress and evolution. Of course, you can’t stop them in the long run, but governments and public institutions can certainly slow them.

What are your main challenges as a professional and entrepreneur, and how do you solve them?

I’ll speak strictly about “Falla Con Éxito OÜ” here since I have different challenges in other projects. I have two main things in my mind and they are:

  1. Create the best version of myself by learning, meeting new people, implementing what I have learned, experimenting …
  2. Create a culture within our own company, with principles ​​that are valuable on their own. Which is not something that I often see in the world (as a professional poker player I travel a lot and I am in contact with many professionals from many countries). Nevertheless, it is certainly something increasingly common, and companies care a lot more about that now that in the past. In my mind, it’s something essential, and not that hard to implement. I think about my Identity, who I want to be, and my decisions and actions just follow along. But when we talk about a company with different kind of people, with different cultural perspectives and backgrounds, visions, and objectives -even if they may be similar- everything becomes more complex.

How did you get to know the e-Residency, and what made you decide for it?

We conducted an exhaustive Google search about the topic. This is our story, and how we got to know Companio:

I had exchanged some emails with Companio and noted that they signed with the name and surnames of the founder, Ignacio. So I looked it up on Google and I found his website, his Twitter, and his blog. In less than 5 minutes I knew I was in the right place. A young entrepreneur who writes about stoicism in his blog, I thought to some extent that he could be a friend of mine or even me in other circumstances, so I felt highly identified. His words resonated with me.

I also asked them in an email why I should choose them if there were companies that offered similar services at a lower fee, and their brief and concise response was what I was looking for, and it was something like this: “Our service is somewhat more expensive because we offer a personalized service to our customers which others can’t offer, where our focus is on the quality of the service and not on the price”.

His response was obviously more elaborate, and a lot more detailed than that, but you get the idea.

What difficulties did you find in your activity before? What was the main motivation to change? Paperwork, bureaucracy, expenses…?

My previous activity -which I keep on doing today still- has indeed nothing to do with my current project. It just happens that, for the online framework of our new adventure, we needed something different, a different business platform.

When we were studying alternatives to register our company, we thought about the business model, and then the model became clear: it would be a 100% online business on the internet, and we would sell to multiple countries from all over the world. With this in mind, we looked for the easiest and most convenient way of conducting our online business. We are not talking here just about paying our taxes and accountancy, but also about all aspects of an online business.

After a few days of research and comparing alternatives, we came to the conclusion that Estonia was the right place.

How do you think a company in Estonia has added value to your project? What are your future expectations?

Companio solved all our doubts and helped us understand all the difficult concepts, even in topics that were not directly connected with business registration, accountancy, and taxes. This transparency really adds a lot of value to our project and helps you understand how every aspect of the business works.

This has given us confidence that we were doing everything right. After all, we have a very ambitious project in our hands and we wanted to make every endeavor to ensure that this new undertaking gets off to a good start. We want to be sure we are building a good team, so we don’t have to go back to square one because we did something wrong at the beginning.

This is one of the reasons why we chose Companio, even though, as mentioned above, there were cheaper alternatives. We are not looking for the cheapest provider, but the best addition to our team, one that understands our vision and business culture. And we consider that Companio is -to a certain extent- part of our own company, as they deal with a crucial part of the business.

What is a typical workday like for you? Where do you like to work? At home? Are you going to co-working spaces?

As I write these words, we are in a countdown -just a few days more- to launch our course and podcast. So while it’s too early to describe my daily activity at the business, I can describe a general projection of how it’s going to be based on my current activity:

I get up, train on an empty stomach drink as much water as I can, sauna between 15 and 30 minutes while I read, at 9 am I arrive home and work until 1 pm at Falla Con Exito. And those 4 hours in the morning are the only office work that I do for this project. In the afternoons, in addition to my other projects, family, friends, usually have to prepare some content, talks, publications, appearances in the media, create new courses, collaborations, and more. I work at home since I was 18 years old in front of the computer, with the help of my headphones, and trying to stay in a focused workflow for as long as possible.

I have never gone to co-working spaces, although maybe I will in the future. But I see them as places to share, get feedback and help other entrepreneurs more than workspaces, since I need my own space and getting into the right mental state to consider I’m being productive enough.

What are your future plans, for you and your business? What’s on the horizon of Falla with Exito OÜ?

Falla Con Exito is about to launch its main course that covers Emotional Intelligence and Improving Self-Leadership. We are as well about to launch our own podcast where David -yours truly- will be your host.

I always thought that 10-year plans are very ambitious, although I will dare to do it for a more recent period of 3 years:

In 3 years, Falla Con Exito will have:

  • More than 10 books will cover different areas of emotional intelligence, leadership, vision, goals, identity, failure stories, short stories of successful people, and how they used the obstacles in their path to reinvent themselves. The first book will be released in a few weeks, if not days after the launch of the course.
  • An annual national conference with thousands of attendees which will be a reference in personal and business development, probably starting in Spain.
  • We will have dozens of courses on different topics, some of them covering more general areas, and some of them short and concise, focused on a very specific topic. The second course that we plan to create will be called Identity, and that’s all I can say about it for now.
  • A Master Group (mastermind group, if you may) where -for a few days- we will retreat to a carefully selected location for intensive mentoring, with a very limited number of seats, and carried out by me, David. The goal is crafting an experience where people will return to their daily lives with new knowledge, new tools, new relationships, and a new prism to get where they want.
  • Hundreds of appearances on television channels, radio, press, channels, pages, and various media.
  • Registering “Falla Con Exito Comparte”, the NGO of Falla Con Exito where, through a change of perspective, education, and synergies, we will help those who are at a point in their lives where they feel there’s no way out for them.
  • Millions of views in our podcast showcasing well-known entrepreneurs of the national scene. The goal is to show how we can learn from our struggles, mistakes, and problems, and learn from them.

I could go on and on, but these are the main points we foresee in the future of our business.

Where can we find you and know more about your project?

You can find more about Falla Con Éxito in:

  • In social media under the same name Falla Con Exito (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook).
  • Our podcast on Spotify (and probably in a few weeks on iTunes, Ivooc, and more).
  • You can find more about us, the founders here: Manuel Conde (Facebook) & David Huerga (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube)


We want to thank David Huerga de Falla With Success OÜ for his inspiring story. At Companio, we like entrepreneurs like David and Manuel, with entrepreneurial stories that inspire us and be able to help them as a part of their team.

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