How our customers save 50% of their time spent in accountancy thanks to automation

Ignacio Nieto
23 July 2020
How our customers save 50% of their time spent in accountancy thanks to automation | Companio

We are avid supporters of the e-Residency program of Estonia. We believe technology is there to tear down limitations and borders, and empower entrepreneurs to do business and work remotely. But technology also enables us to spend less time on paperwork and red tape and more time on things we care about, like growing our business.

We designed Companio –the most powerful tool to manage your online company, available to our customers for free– with this spirit in mind. We are always looking for new ways to automate things and save you time. Our last feature, email automation, goes in that direction.

What’s email automation, and how does it work?

Imagine this scenario: your company is paying a subscription for a service that sends you invoices every month by email. This means that every month you have to receive the email, download the invoice, access Companio and upload the invoice to the Expenses section. Now imagine another scenario: your online store generates an email with a sales invoice every time a customer buys one of your products. Upon receiving this email, you have to save the document on your computer and upload it later to Companio.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to automate this workflow to save you a lot of time every month? That’s exactly the problem email automation solves.

With email automation, you get a unique email address for:

  • Your sales invoices
  • Your purchase invoices
  • Every corporate bank account of your company

The goal of these email addresses is receiving your invoices, processing them, and uploading them automatically to Companio. So let’s say, in our previous example, that you set a rule in your online store that sends an email to the first email address with the invoice on every sale. Then you don’t need to bother about manually uploading your invoices anymore.

The results

We have measured the time saved for our customers in accountancy thanks to this feature for one month now, and the results are exciting! On average, customers spend now 51,30% less time uploading invoices and bank statements in our dashboard. That means halving the time spent on accountancy duties! The benefits for our customers are obvious, and so far everyone seems to love email automation.

But it also has important benefits for us. When our customers automate the submission of invoices and bank statements, they make sure no invoice will be left forgotten, and our accounting team will have readily access to all the required documents. As a result, our requests to customers for documents, invoices, and bank statements have dropped by 47%. That’s a win-win situation for everybody!


We are always looking for ways to automate things in Companio to make your life easier and our job faster and more reliable. Email automation, recently introduced, has had a significant impact, allowing our customers to save 50% of their time spent in accountancy. It has also allowed us to spend less time asking users for their documents and invoices, optimizing our accounting processes.

Join us and start enjoying email automation today!

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