Salut entrepreneurs! Je suis Companio.

Ignacio Nieto
25 June 2020
Salut entrepreneurs! Je suis Companio. | Companio

Finally, you can now access Companio and get support in French! Starting today, you can enjoy the most powerful tool to manage your Company available for e-Residents in French too.

At Companio, we understand how important language is for important stuff, like managing your business. That’s why we are adding more and more languages to our interface.

This time, we added support for French language, which is the official language of 29 countries across multiple continents.

Of course, just translating the tools is not enough. You also need to offer support in that language. We have one person in our team right now that can offer you support in your language, and we will be incorporating more in the future. This person may be a little busy, however, so have some patience!

Thanks for choosing Companio.

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