About Miguel Piñas

Miguel is a marketing wizard, designer, developer, and location-independent entrepreneur from Spain. He loves dogs (especially golden retrievers and Jack Russell terriers), cats, nature, and all things technological, and enjoys cooking and tasting delicious dishes from all parts of the world, especially from Asia and Southern Europe. He worked for years developing accounting software solutions in Spain. After quitting his nine to five work, he became a digital nomad and launched a successful web and marketing eco-friendly agency powered by renewable energies, his way of combining his passion for web design and marketing with his desire to fight against climate change. His travels were an inspiration for him, watching how different parts of the world were affected by our global ecological footprint. Sometime later, together with Ignacio, he co-founded Companio, taking the role of Chief of Marketing Officer. He now leads a dynamic team of more than five people from different corners of the world, working on such disparate tasks as growing customers, marketing campaigns, design, webinars, and social media channels.