We Believe in Independence, Simplicity, and the Right to Be Sovereign of Your Own Life

About Us

Every Good Story Starts
With a Good Idea

This Is How Ours Begins

We founded Companio in 2018. As location independent entrepreneurs, we had been struggling for years to run our online businesses, fighting red tape and archaic business systems that no longer work for a global, digital work.

We found out that there was a better and simpler way of doing things, and we decided that we wanted to help as many entrepreneurs as possible to achieve the same freedom we were enjoying.

This is how ours begins
We share what we know

We Share What We Know

And we know how to break free of the binding structures and limiting paper chains that get in the way of starting a business and running your own life. To thrive, grow, travel, explore, do what we want when we want and fulfil our dreams.

Who We Are

Honest disruption means being truthful about our own services, checking in on the quality we are offering, and making sure we are always providing the best possible service, price, and information.

We are willing to disrupt our own methods to continually move forwards, where no questions are left unanswered and every detail is considered.

Who we are

Meet the Team

Team Ignacio

CEO & Co-founder

Team Esther

Chief of Support

Team Miguel

CMO & Co-founder


Chief of Finance

Team Alireza


Team Iryna

Accounting & Finances

Team Bohdana

Accounting & Finances