Let’s stand up for Ukraine TOGETHER!

Like most of you, we are horrified by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We believe in a free, democratic, and borderless world where we are all citizens of the world and share a common future together.

We stand with the members of our team from Ukraine, their families, friends, and all the people of Ukraine.

Let’s stand up for Ukraine TOGETHER!
Let’s stand up for Ukraine TOGETHER!

Donate, hire, fight and help

Here are some of the things you can do to support the Ukrainian people.

How are we contributing?

We started a campaign that has collected so far more than one hundred thousand euros in donations to support Ukrainian NGOs.

We have also set up special communication channels for our Ukrainian customers, including a dedicated support email address. We are also offering particular support for our customers in Ukraine. If you are in a difficult situation, let us know about it. We are ready to help.

Get support!