Estonia’s e-Residency program allows you to have a truly location independent company. As a result, it will do business with all kinds of companies, customers, and suppliers. The invoicing tool included in Companio allows you to automatically generate and send invoices to your customers. From now on, you can also generate these invoices in any currency, not just in euros.

Adding an invoice in a specific currency

To generate an invoice in a specific currency, go to the Sales section. Then, click on the “New invoice” button at the top right.

invoice in a specific currency

Then choose a contact to issue the invoice to or add a new one, and click on “Next”.

generate invoice

Now you can choose the invoice items. Notice that there is a “Currency” field. Use that field to choose the right currency for the invoice. Then, when you have finished, the system will generate the invoice document in PDF, specifying the correct currency.

Make sure to apply the right VAT to the invoice. If you are invoicing a company outside the EU, which is quite common if your invoice is not in EUR, you should not add VAT to the invoice.

Deciding the future of Companio together

At Your Company In Estonia, we want to give our clients voice and vote in something as important as the tool with which they manage their company every day. Did you know that you can suggest improvements or request the correction of errors from the same Companio platform? If you have not already done so, enter the “Improvements” section in the user menu at the top left. You can suggest an improvement or correction of errors, or vote on the initiatives that you like the most from other users.

If you are not a customer yet, come with us! We have the most prepared team and Companio, the most powerful tool on the market for managing your company completely online.