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There are 7 steps that you need to follow:

  1. Sign up
  2. Verify your identity
  3. Get started with Companio – Pdf Guide
  4. Grant us permission to do your accounting
  5. Send the additional information
  6. Change the legal address of your company and person of contact.
  7. KYC procedure: send a copy of your passport

Once we have all the required documents, and the previous provider has been informed, it takes usually 3-5 working days to do the switching.

There are 4 documents you should send us:

  1. Nominal Ledger
  2. Trial balance
  3. Purchase and Sales Ledgers
  4. Assets or any loan balances

If you don’t know what these documents are, don’t worry, those are accounting reports and documents you don’t need to know about. Your previous service provider or accountant can give them to you.

  1. There is a minimum commitment period of three months to enjoy this offer. That means that once the company is open, you will have to subscribe to our accounting service and be our customer for at least three months. That makes sense when you don’t pay anything for the Company Registration or switching to our services, doesn’t it?
  2. Please have a look at our prices here. Everything’s included, so you only pay that monthly fee. No hidden costs, no small print.
  3. If you don’t want to stay with us, we won’t force you to do so, but you will be charged an early termination fee for canceling early corresponding to three months worth of our accountancy services with the minimum fee of our pricing plans applied (the cheapest one, corresponding to less than 20 invoices/month, corresponding to, as of June 2021, at 79€/mo).
  4. This offer is not cumulative with other offers, promotions, or affiliate discounts.
  5. We include the annual report for free for customers who have been subscribed to our accounting services for the whole fiscal year. That means that if you switch to us in the middle of the year, an extra fee of 250€+VAT will be charged for the annual report next year when we prepare the annual report for this year.
  6. The prices shown do not include 20% VAT.

Anytime is ok, but ideally at the beginning of the month.

We will take care of the accounting of your company right after you switch to us starting at the beginning of the next month. You should ask your previous provider to take care of the previous month.

Example: you switch the 18th of March. We will prepare and submit your accounting for March starting on the 1st of April, but your provider must take care of the accounting up till February.

No. You must contact your previous provider and ask them to do that.


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