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You can launch your business in Estonia without even visiting the country. There are 9 steps that you need to follow:

  1. Choose your company name,
  2. specify what your company will do,
  3. list board members and/or shareholders,
  4. pay the company registration fee,
  5. verify your e-Residency ID,
  6. verify your email address,
  7. sign into the e-Registry,
  8. wait for the business to be registered, and
  9. complete your set-up.

For more information regarding the specifics of your company registration – and to learn how Companio handles the process – we walk you through each step in greater detail here.

First, access the Estonian e-Business Register and log in with your e-Residency card.

Then, locate the company registration application:

  • Click on “Applications > Dashboard” and then on “My Applications
  • Once you are on the “My Applications” page, click on the name of your Company; If you can’t find it there, go to “My Underlyings”. You will be redirected to a page where you will see the information of the company to be registered. Before signing, please verify that all the data is correct, that all the members have been added, and that they appear correctly as members of the board and/or shareholders in the proportions that you decided. Check your names and e-Residency IDs, and that the share capital is correct. If you notice any errors, let us know so we can modify the request before proceeding.
  • Go to step 11: “Confirmation of the application
  • Scroll down until the end of the page and click on “sign

Now, it’s time to sign the application. The system will ask for your PIN2 (the one used to sign documents) to be able to sign the registration of your company. After that, your signature will appear in green as added to the application. After the signature, DO NOT proceed with the payment and DO NOT proceed with the submission.

Just let us know when all the members of the company have signed. We will verify all the information, pay the required notary and state fees for you, and submit the application. In 48 hours, but usually, much sooner, the company will be registered.

For a more thorough walkthrough of this process, please click here.


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