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The Estonian e-Residency program allows anyone to become a member of the digital nation of Estonia and receive an ID card containing a certificate with a digital identity. Using this ID card, applicants can access to the Estonian administration.

This allows them to start a European company in the country and being part of the competitive and advantageous Estonian tax system – even without visiting the country. In a nutshell, it is a hassle-free gateway to Estonian digital administration. To discover the benefits and simplicity of applying for the e-Residency, click here.

The e-Residency Program of Estonia should not be confused with a residence permit, travel document, or citizenship status. It only grants access to the digital administration of Estonia

Applying for the e-Residency program of Estonia is incredibly straightforward. You’ll need to provide the correct personal details, the desired pick-up location (where you’ll retrieve your digital ID), as well as additional information such as a CV, social media account, or even a criminal background check.

After an Estonian police check, you’ll (hopefully) receive a confirmation that your application is approved and make an appointment to pick up your e-Residency pack. To learn more about the specifics, click here.

After your application has been approved, it can take 2-5 weeks for your e-Residency kit to arrive at your pickup location. Once it has arrived, your pickup location will send instructions related to scheduling your pick-up.

The application has a cost of 100€ plus 20€ in shipping costs. Total 120€ (*).

(*) An additional fee of 23,60€ applies when pickup up your card at e-Residency “collection centers” in Sao Paulo, Johannesburg, or Bangkok.

e-Residency pickup locations are most typically found at Estonian embassies (though not all embassies or consulates provide them). For the most current list of locations, please click here.

Once you receive your e-Residency pack, you need to install the software. To learn how to start working with your e-resident pack (and install the necessary software), click here.

Sometimes the e-Resident card, and more specifically the reader, does not work as well as it should. This is more frequent in the browser, when it comes to entering sites such as the Tax Office website or when signing a document.

If you can’t sign the company registration contract, try the following solutions, from top to bottom, one by one, until one works.

  • Try to move the card, make sure it is well placed (with the chip facing up), and that the chip reader is directly on it. Check that the light is on, and try again.
  • Remove the card from the reader and reinsert it.
  • Restart the browser and try again
  • Try another browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera …), but remember to have installed the appropriate plugins.
  • Restart the computer

If nothing works, you should get in touch with the e-Residency technical support here.

You, personally, should apply for your e-Residency card. It is a legal document similar to a passport. It does not grant you any citizenship or residence rights, but allows you to digitally sign documents and contracts on your behalf or the behalf of your company, and also access your business or bank information.

No. The e-Residency should not be confused with a citizenship or physical residence permit. Being an e-Resident does not grant you any permission to live or work in Estonia or the rest of Europe. If you are already a European citizen, obviously, you can work and reside in Estonia like any other European citizen. Visit the official website of Work In Estonia for more information.

At its most basic, the Estonian Digital Nomad Visa allows entrepreneurs/remote workers to work and reside in Estonia for an extended period (between 6-12 months). Individuals don’t require a company in Estonia.

The e-Residency program, however, is a digital identity that allows individuals to open online companies in Estonia. It is not a travel or residency document. To learn more about the differences between these programs – and to determine which is right for you – click here.


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