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Annual Reports

The annual report is a document that Estonian companies must write and submit to the authorities after the fiscal year has passed (usually in the following six months after the end of the fiscal year). It contains all the transactions, movements, and operations of the company. If you have been our customer for the whole financial year, we will write this document for you, as part of our monthly services, and prepare it for you to be submitted to the authorities.

While elaborating this document, we may need additional information from you, such as invoices, bank transfer receipts, or other documents. To make sure the report gets prepared and submitted in time, please help our accounting department by answering our requests as soon as possible and uploading all the required documents.

Most importantly, the annual report allows you to distribute the profit of the previous fiscal year (if any) in the form of dividends. Until the annual report is not submitted, your company cannot distribute dividends.

(*) Please note that you do not need to submit the past year’s annual report when your company was registered behind July 1 last year.

  1. Make sure all your corporate bank accounts are linked to Companio on the dashboard.
  2. Upload all the required documents(invoices) to Companio before March 14. (*)
  3. Please grant Companio permission to prepare your annual report if you haven’t done it yet.
  4. Companio will prepare the annual report for you.
  5. You must submit the annual report to the Estonian tax authorities before June 30.

(*) If your documentation is not uploaded to Companio before March 14, we will be unable to complete your report on time. You’ll need to pay an extra €250+20% VAT for the annual report preparation service if you want us to prepare it later.

(i) If you need to have your annual report ready before March 14 we offer you the “Annual Report Priority” service. You can contract this service by contacting the customer service team. This service has a cost of €100 + 20% VAT.

(ii) Have you recently brought your company from another provider and want us to prepare the annual report for the previous year? No problem! We’d be happy to help. You can set up this service by contacting the customer service team. The “Annual report for switching” service has a cost of €250+20% VAT.

  1. Access the Company Registration Portal with your e-resident ID.
  2. Locate your company and click on it. Then go to “Annual reports”
  3. Click on “Defining persons entering data” to give us permission to prepare your annual reports.
  4. Click on the button to add a new person.
  5. Ask us for the code of the accountant in charge of preparing your report and enter this number in the right field, also, select “The person entering data is authorized to submit the report”.
  6. Save the changes and check that the accountant’s name and code appear on the list. You are done!

Click here to learn more.

As part of our accounting services, Companio writes your annual report and prepares it for submission. However, only a member of the board can submit this report.

Submitting the annual report is more than just adding your signature: You’ll need to decide if you want to distribute dividends or not. We guide you through the process of submitting this report to Estonian authorities. Click here to learn more.


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