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Unlike other companies, you do not have to pay more for everything we offer:
  • Unlimited bank accounts. Connect all your corporate bank accounts without paying extra fees.
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  • Create invoices in a couple of clicks. Don’t waste time on Excel sheets.
  • Virtual office included: so you have your own company address and contact person in Estonia.
  • Find everything in one place: invoices, payroll, and tax reports. Yep, you can also manage your team and contractors from our dashboard!
Companies opened
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processed in 2022
Your professional and supportive team has always been patient and kindly explains everything to me (this is especially true when I had a million questions about the initial processes).
Luis Vegan
Companio has been immensely helpful. Registering the company, accountancy, and taxes were exactly as they were supposed to be.

Five Media Lab
After switching to Companio, we not only saved on expenses but we also learned an incredible amount of new information that our old agency didn’t tell us.

Get Real Creative
I chose Companio because the customer service team was always available to answer my questions – even before I was a client.

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Remember What You Get if You Join Companio This Autumn

    🤩 Register your company for free (you only pay notary fees)

    👨🏽‍🏫 Course to learn to manage your company in Estonia from the sofa or wherever you want.

    🚀 All the information you need to launch and boost your business in one place.