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Full-stack JavaScript Developer

At Companio, we are looking for a Full-stack JavaScript Developer. Our software platform serves hundreds of customers every day and allows us to automate our services and rapidly scale our operations. We are looking for a geek with a strong analytical mind and frontend sensibilities. A Node.js ninja with a passion for RESTful API interfaces and beautiful user interfaces. Does that sound like you? Keep on reading!
Experience ✍🏻

– 3+ years of experience in backend and frontend development
– At least 2+ years of experience in pure Javascript/jQuery/HTML/(s)CSS, and Node.js


… we need you to be confident working with the technologies we use.
– Degree in Computer Science Engineering or equivalent
… we’re not diploma-seekers, but do need know-how beyond a Bootcamp.
– Knowledge and experience with Node.js, Express, MongoDB, and NoSQL.
… our infrastructure’s languages, so you gotta know ‘em.
– Knowledge and experience with RESTful APIs and data models.
– Strong command of software engineering principles, design, and process.
… we build sustainable code: spaghetti’s for the kitchen.
– Knowledge and experience with Git (versioning system).
… we play nicely — at the same time.


– Take care of the development of our web backend and frontend software and infrastructure
– Maintain and expand our data model to make it optimal and functional
– Take care of the development of our web frontend clients (customers, admin, and affiliates)
– Propose new features, visual features, and design elements
– Make the designs come alive in a real production environment
– Make sure our systems are operational and up
– Add new features, fix bugs and improve the stability and reliability of the system
– Have full responsibility (and accountability) for the features you build and ship
– Be a trusted key figure — solve problems in your own way, manage time as a resource


Javascript/jQuery/HTML/(s)CSS, and Node.js

Working Hours
Family Friendly
Remote work
Sounds Good? 😄
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