How to digitally sign a document using DigiDoc

9 September 2021

To sign a document using DigiDoc, follow these steps.

Preparing the setup

First, connect your e-Residency card to your computer and make sure you have installed the necessary drivers and plugins. If you haven’t already, download also DigiDoc from the official sources. When you are ready, open DigiDoc. Keep the document you want to sign handy.

Make sure your card appears at the top in green and your name and personal code is shown.

Choosing the document

Next, drag and drop the document into DigiDoc or click on “… Or load file from disk” and navigate until you find and select the document that you want to sign.

You will be asked to give a name to the container that will contain your document signed. Usually, you want to keep the same name. The extension of this container, containing the document with your digital signature, will be .asice.

Adding your signature

Now click on “Sign with ID-Card”. Alternatively, you can click on the chevron at the right of that button and choose to sign with Smart-ID in case you have activated it before.

DigiDoc will ask for your PIN2 to complete the signature.

Once done, the signature will be added, and you will see a message at the top of the application. Congratulations! You have stamped your digital signature in the document. Now, you can send this .asice document to anyone, and everybody will be able to use DigiDoc to verify your signature.

Be aware of the fact that a digital signature is equivalent to your handwritten one. This means digitally signing a contract or agreement has the same value as doing it manually, so be careful with what you sign.


What options are available for signing using DigiDoc?

You can add your digital signature using your e-Residency card, Smart ID, and Mobile ID.

DigiDoc does not show my card or personal information, even though it is correctly inserted in the reader.

Sometimes the e-Residency card and more frequently the reader, do not work as well as they should. If that happens to you, try the following solutions, from top to bottom, one by one, until one works.
– Try to move the card, make sure it is well placed (with the chip facing up), and that the chip reader is directly on it. Check that the light is on, and try again.
– Remove the card from the reader and reinsert it.
– Restart the browser and try again
– Try another browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera …), but remember to have installed the appropriate plugins.
– Restart the computer
– If everything else fails, contact ID support.

Can I add multiple documents in a single container?

Yes, you can add as many files together as you want, and sign them all at once.

Signing a document digitally with DigiDoc is quite simple. All you need is your e-Residency card (or Smart-ID) and a document to sign. This tutorial shows you how to do it. We are always happy to help e-resident entrepreneurs, so don’t hesitate to have a look at our company registration and accounting switching packages.