Even though we take care of your accountancy and bookkeeping so you can focus on your business, one of the great benefits of managing your company online is that you can do everything online. As a perfect example, in this article, we describe how to accept the registration of your company in Estonia once we have prepared all the paperwork for you.

Preparing the paperwork …

Despite being all online, the registration of a company is still a complex process, with lots of small details to consider, such as the share capital, partners, type of company, articles of association, and so on.

However, do not panic! Our task is to take care of the whole process for you. All you need to do is signing the application once we have prepared all the paperwork.

If you haven’t yet, you will need to install the card reader software and activate the plugins of your browser to be able to sign the petition. In this article, we explain how to do it.

Steps to sign and confirm the registration of your company in Estonia

If you have configured your card reader already, these are the steps you must take to sign the registration of your company in Estonia.

Confirm your business email

First of all, you need to confirm your company email, the one you specified in the document we asked you to fill in.

You will receive an email from ” e-Äriregistri teavitus” (the business register) asking you to confirm your email, with a link that says “Please verify the address by clicking on the following link or copy and paste it to your web browser”.

This works just like any other subscription on the planet (such as Netflix). You just have to click on the link, and that’s it!If the email does not seem to arrive, have a look at your spam folder. Still, missing? Contact us and we try to find it.

Enter the company registration portal

Access the Estonian e-Business Register and log in with your e-Residency card.

Locate the company registration application


  • Click on “Applications > Dashboard” and then on “My Applications
  • Once you are on the “My Applications” page, click on the name of your Company; If you can’t find it there, go to “My Underlyings”. You will be redirected to a page where you will see the information of the company to be registered. Before signing, please verify that all the data is correct, that all the members have been added, and that they appear correctly as members of the board and/or shareholders in the proportions that you decided. Check your names and e-Residency IDs, and that the share capital is correct. If you notice any errors, let us know so we can modify the request before proceeding.
  • Go to step 11: “Confirmation of the application
Confirmation of the application
  • Scroll down until the end of the page and click on “sign
 application sign


The system will ask for your PIN2 (the one used to sign documents) to be able to sign the registration of your company.

Hopefully, some moments later, the “Signature missing” will change to “signed” (in green).

IMPORTANT: After the signature, DO NOT proceed with the payment and DO NOT proceed with the submission.

Just let us know that all the members of the company have signed. We will verify all the information, pay the required notary and state fees for you, and submit the application.

In 48 hours, but usually, much sooner, the company will be registered.