To link your Stripe bank account in Companio, first, you need to access your Stripe. Then, go to Developers > API Keys in the sidebar at the left.

We are going to create a read-only key, which will only allow us to read your bank information, bank movements, and invoices, but without doing any charge or requesting any payment to your customers.

To do so, click on “Created restricted key” at the bottom. Then you will need to specify the name for this API key and the permissions. First, for the name, choose something descriptive, such as “Your Company In Estonia.”

Then click on “Read” for “All core resources”. Make sure all the areas below change to “Read” too.

Then click also on “Read” on “All checkout resources” and “All billing resources”

Then click also on “Read” for “All order resources”, “All issuing resources”, “All reporting resources” and “All webhook resources”.

Finally, after checking that all read permissions are enabled, click on “Create key”.

If everything works, the key will be created. Then, you just need to copy it, close this window, and go to our “Banks” section, click on “Link”, choose “Stripe”, and paste the key that you just copied there.

We will validate the key and read your transactions. This may take some minutes, so please be patient!

And that’s all! Thank you for linking your Stripe account to Companio.