As you know, one of the most important requirements to correctly carry out your accounting is to have access to the bank statements of all the company’s accounts for bank reconciliation. This includes payment gateways like Mollie.

This statement must contain all the movements, not only the payments received, but the withdrawal of funds after your bank account, possible refunds, etc.

In this article, we explain how to get a correct Mollie bank statement.

How to get the bank statements of Mollie for your invoice reconciliation, step by step

First, log into your Mollie account. In the menu on the left, choose “Settings”, and then “Settlements”.

Then, on the right, choose “Filter by date” and select the right month and year. For the accountancy of February 2020, which must be submitted before the 5th of March, you must choose February, and 2020. You will see the list of all settlements. Every file contains all transactions, including all payments received, withdrawal of funds to bank accounts, refunds, etc.

You need to click on the “Reference” link of all of them and download the CSV and PDF files.

Please remember to do so with all the settlement files in the list. You will get a series of CSV and PDF file pairs. You are ready to upload them!

Then a CSV file will be downloaded.

Uploading the bank statement to Companio

Let’s see how to upload these files to Companio. Just click on the “Bank statements” option on the left menu. Then use the “Upload” blue bottom at the top right.

Then choose “MOLLIE” in the Choose Bank dropdown. You should have linked your Mollie account previously.

Now you should click on “CSV / Excel Upload” and choose the file downloaded previously. Next, do the same with the PDF file. Then click on “Upload”. If the file is correct and contains valid transactions, they should be added now to the list bank movements. Otherwise, please check the instructions again, the file should contain a series of transactions with an identifier that starts with tr_.


In this article, we show how in a few simple steps, and in less than a minute, you can download the Mollie bank statement for bank reconciliation as part of your company’s accounting.