This tutorial is only for those companies whose current legal address is already in the city of Tallinn. If your current company’s legal address is outside of Tallinn, follow this other tutorial instead.

Just follow these steps:

Accessing the Company Registration Portal and Starting the Petition

First, you need to log into the company registration portal. If you find some problems logging in, close the browser (exit all windows), reopen it, and try again.

Once inside, you will see a list of your companies. Most probably, there will only be one. Click on the name of your company.

A new screen will appear with information about your company. Click on “Start the petition for an entry regarding alteration”.

You will then see a new screen with some sections containing the data of your company. We will need to change just two things.

Let’s go through the required modifications one by one.

Altering the Address

First, go to the “Address” section and click on “Alter the address”. A pop-up will appear with a map and a field to enter the address. Enter “Lõõtsa 2A”. A list of matches will appear as shown in the figure below.

Click on the one that says “Harju maakond, Tallinn, Lasnamäe linnaosa, Lõõtsa 2A (Non-residencial building), 11415” (probably the first entry).

If you have selected the right one, the map will show a pin in the middle of a building like the figure below. That’s your new office!

Altering the Address

If you see something like the figure above, you are on the right track.

Click on “Confirm choice”. A screen like the one shown below should appear. You need to:

  • Make sure the address is correctly specified as shown below (Harju maakond, Tallinn, Lasnamäe linnaosa, Lõõtsa 2A, 11415).
  • Click on the checkbox that says “Soovin aadressi täiendada”.
  • Also, make sure the Postal code is 11415, the new one.

If all looks good, click on “Save the changes”. You will see the address correctly changed in the main screen. Please, check that you see exactly the same as it is displayed below.

Modify the Person of Contact

Now you need to modify the contact person information. Go to the “Persons in the entry” section and click on “Alter the persons in the entry”. You will see a new screen where you appear as “Management board member”, and we appear as the person of contact, but with the previous address (Majaka 26).

Click on the “Alter” button of the “Contact person” row, not the row for the members of the board.

There, you need to make the same procedure. In the “Address” field, write “Lõõtsa tn 2A”, and choose the one at Lasnamäe Linnaosa, Tallinn, as shown in the picture.

Important: enter “11” in the Address extension. That’s the mailbox assigned to your company.

Also, make sure the Postal code field is 11415.

Then, click on “Alter”. You should see something like the picture below: the address of the person of contact has changed to the right one. Please, verify that it is displayed exactly like that, then click on “Back to entering the data in the application”.

Adding the Documents for the Petition

Now we need to upload the documents supporting our petition. The mandatory one is the consent document from the legal address/person of contact provider (us). Ask us for this document, specifying your company name and registry code.

In order to add a document, go to the “Additional documents to be submitted with the entry petition” and click on “Add document”. In the case of the consent, you need to select “Consent of Contact Person” as the type of document and upload the signed .asice document.

Once finished, you should see this file added to the petition as “Consent of contact person”.

Now it’s time to sign the petition by clicking on the “Check the details of the entry petition” button.

Confirming the Petition

Now click on “Check the details of the entry petition”.

You will see a screen with a summary of the changes we are going to perform in the registry.

Please check that the following points are present:

  • The address of the company is listed exactly as shown in the figure.
  • There is a deletion from the registry of the contact person with the old address
  • There is a new entry of the person of contact with the right address.

Now click on the blue button to confirm the petition.

Signing the Petition

Last step! you just need to sign the petition. To do that, click on the “Sign” blue button. Wait until the pop-up appears to choose your certificate, and enter your PIN 2.

If the signature process succeeds, you will see the signature tick next to your name.

Proceed to Payment

Next, you may need to pay the state fee for the change in legal address and person of contact (18€). Please, follow these instructions:

Select “Payment of the state fee in a bank office or in the internet bank”, and choose “View details for making a payment”. You will see a screen with all the information for the payment.

Choose any of the bank account IBANs for the payment. It’s important that all the information is correct, including the description of the payment and especially the reference number.

Go to your online bank website and do the payment. Then go back to this page, close the pop-up, and click on “Confirm Payment”. Time for the final step, sending the petition to the registry!

That’s all! You don’t need to do anything else. You should see something like the figure below. Don’t click on “Confirm the signatures”, as we need to sign the request too. We will take care of signing and proceeding with the application.

Just send us an email letting us know that we should proceed with the alteration.

Receiving the Confirmation

First, when you do the steps above, you will receive an email from the registry confirming the application:

The following documents concerning a legal person related to you, i.e. Your Company Name OÜ (registry code: XXXXXXXX) were submitted to the Registration Department of Tartu County Court on 10.03.2020: petition for entry, other documents, petition for entry submitted electronically.
This notice was sent for your information.
You can track the submission and processing of the document in the Commercial Register´s information system at Link: WoloWeb OÜ processing information.
You can view the data of legal persons related to you in the Commercial Register´s information system at and the portal.

Then, once we complete the application and you pay any possible fees (you may need to pay 18 euros if your previous address was outside of Tallinn), you will receive a message with the altered entry in the registry and the new address.

We hereby inform you that Ruling No. Ä 50063992 / 5 concerning Your Company OÜ (registry code: XXXXXXXX) was adopted in the Registration Department of Tartu County Court on March 10, 2020.
An uncertified transcript of the document is attached to this e-mail as a PDF file.
Registration Department of Tartu County Court, Pikk 32, 44307, Rakvere

Congratulations! You are ready for the new virtual office functionality on our dashboard.

Please, remember to send us an email when you sign the application so we can proceed to the alteration in the registry.

Change of Address on Your Invoices

Once the process has been completed, and the legal address of your company has been updated in the registry, you must change the address on all your invoices issued from this moment on. This change is important to make sure they are correct after the change of the legal address of your company.

As always, if you find trouble changing the legal address or person of contact, send us a message and we will help