Wise launched a new authentication method, much more secure than the previous one, which required an API key. The new method requires you to access your Wise account and grant us permission to access your movements, transactions, and purchase and sales information.

Let’s see how to do it.

Important notes to read before starting the process!

Important note 1: due to a known issue with Wise’s API, the connection process may fail if you are not logged in to Wise first. So please, before continuing, visit Wise on a separate browser’s tab, go to the login page, enter your credentials and (if required) confirm your login via the App or SMS code.

Important note 2: due to a known issue with Wise’s API, the connection process will fail for secondary users. Only the main Wise user (the user who created the corporate account in the first place) can do the connection. Please, ask the main user of the Wise account (if there are several) to perform this process.

Now, let’s link the Wise bank account of your company

Now, enter Companio. If you want to link your Wise bank account for the first time, you need to go to the Banks section and choose the option to connect a new bank. You will see a screen with different banking alternatives. Go to the Wise option and click on the connect button to link it.

If you had connected your Wise bank account previously using the API key, you will need to reconnect it again. In that case, upon accessing Companio, so you will see a screen similar to this:

You can also do it in the Banks section by clicking on the connection button to link the Wise account again.

You will be asked which account you want to link with Companio. As you may know, Wise gives you a personal and a corporate account. It is important that you choose the account of your company (the one ending in OÜ) and NOT your personal account (under your name).

Then you will be asked to grant us permissions to access your financial data. Please, click on “Give Access”.

If everything goes well, you will be redirected back to Companio and will see your account linked.

That’s all. It was easy, wasn’t it? If you experience any trouble during the process, please contact us.