To link the Mollie account of your Estonian in the dashboard, you must obtain a special token that allows us to access the Mollie API. Using this key, we can obtain your bank statements automatically to make the bank reconciliation.

Access your Mollie account and go to the “Developers” section in the menu on the left, and then to “Organization access tokens”.

There you will see a button that says “Create Token”. Press it.

You will see a new screen where you will have to give a name to the token. Choose something representative, like “Token for Business In Estonia”.

Then you must select the boxes so that we have permissions to access your balance sheets, transactions, and bank and billing history. Choose the following boxes:

  • to read your financial reports.
  • to read your balances.
  • to access your bank accounts to know to which bank account the payments are destined.
  • to access your customers to get information of the payer.
  • to be able to read any possible invoice.
  • to read possible associated card numbers.
  • to read associated information for the payments.
  • to read associated information for the payments.

A little further down, select the following boxes:

  • read information from the organization to ensure that the details and company name are correct.
  • to read incoming payments, essential for bank reconciliation.
  • to read the origin information of the requests (profiles).
  • to read the possible refunds for a payment.
  • to read the final settlement amount for the payment.
  • to read associated information of the product or service.
  • to read the associated customer information from subscription payments.
  • to read certain transfer information.

After you accept it, Mollie will show you the token, which begins with “access_”. Save that token in a safe place, go to our dashboard and paste it into the text field when prompted for integration with Mollie. We will take care of the rest.

If all goes well, the Mollie integration will now be ready on the dashboard.