One of the most fascinating aspects of the e-Residency program is how it has allowed anyone to open a company in Estonia completely online and manage it from anywhere in the world.

In order to make it easier for entrepreneurs, and to take care of taxes, VAT submissions, and annual reports, however, having a business service provider is a no-brainer. As a result, different business service providers have appeared focused on different business types.

What makes us different? Why should you choose Your Company In Estonia?

We don’t believe in limits

Some service providers are focused on freelancers and micropreneurs. And that’s perfectly fine. It is an easy market. You offer them the tools to work as freelancers, they don’t pose many challenges accountancy-wise, everyone is happy…

Except, that prevents your business from growing. I initially started as a freelancer, many years ago, but it soon got to a point where I had to take the leap and grow. Hire contractors first, and employees later, add new members to my company… The “freelance” tag just got too small for me and was handicapping the growth of my business.

I needed a new framework where I could add new members to my company, hire employees, and manage not just the invoices of the company, but everything from the letters arriving to our virtual office to our multiple bank accounts.

In Your Company In Estonia, we don’t believe in limits. The e-Residency program has done a groundbreaking job giving you the freedom to have your business your way, wherever you are, whatever you do, so why limiting yourself?

We allow multiple members in your company, both board members and shareholders, now or in the future.

We support not just freelancers doing IT, design, or consultancy work, but dropshipping businesses, MOSS business, startups, FBA, crypto companies launching an ICO, travel agents, companies requiring licenses… Do you have a dream? We will help you to make it happen.

We support more than 16 banking solutions (and counting), and have integrated our API with more than 4 of them to get access to your bank movements automatically for the accountancy reconciliation.

Turnkey solution

We aspire to provide a comprehensive service to our customers. You should be able to manage every aspect of your business 100% online.

That’s why we created Companio, the most powerful tool for e-Residency to manage your Estonian business. The tool includes:

  • Management of purchase and sales invoices
  • Full integration with multiple banking platforms and payment gateways, including LHV, Wise, Mollie, Stripe, and soon Revolut Business and Payoneer. More than sixteen overall banking solutions available
  • Invoicing tool that allows you to automatically generated and send invoices to your customers (multi-concept, in multiple currencies) via email
  • Automatic email processing tool that analyzes emails with sales and purchase invoice documents and uploads them automatically to the dashboard
  • Automation of bank statements via email
  • Accountancy reconciliation with invoices, business trips, salaries, daily allowance expenses, state fees, notary fees, etc.
  • Employee and salary management (in multiple currencies), automatic payroll issuing including payroll document. Please, have a look at the legal aspects when hiring employees for your Estonian company.
  • Travel management with automatic generation of the travel report following the Estonian model directly in Estonian, management of travel allowances and travel documents.
  • Virtual office management, including packages to be sent to your home address and letters to scan
  • Complete VAT and TSD reports available to you
  • Statistics about expenses, revenue, and profit
  • Customer support through our ticket system

We believe you should have the last word when it comes to the functionalities of our platform, Companio. We want it to fulfill all your business management needs. That’s why we have a “Features” section where our customers can vote and propose the new functionalities that we will be rolling out in Companio.

We speak your language

We have an international team from all parts of the world. We speak many languages at Your Company In Estonia. That’s why we know how important it is to talk in your own language.

As a result, we offer support in multiple languages, and we are adding people who speak more and more languages regularly to our customer support team.

Right now, you can speak with us in English (of course), but also in Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, and French.

You get what you pay for

It is also important to emphasize that you should not be stingy when it comes to your business. In Your Company In Estonia, we don’t want to be the cheapest service provider.

In our experience, the best customers are those who appreciate quality and value your job. Our goal is to offer the best possible service at the best price. That said, our emphasis is on quality. We don’t aspire to be the cheapest provider in the market, but the best one.


In this post, we wanted to share our thoughts on what makes us different from other business service providers. If you are asking yourself: “Why should I trust my business to you?”, you will find the answer in this article.