“We’re a True ‘Jack-of-All-Trades’ Company”

As a user interface (UI), user experience (UX), and product specialist, VMDX focuses on creating digital products and services. Whether supporting corporations with their digital transformation or improving apps and websites, we’re a true “jack of all trades” company.

From on site and digital user research to concept work and technical elements (like code prototypes and SEO), there’s not much we can’t handle.

Why I Started Looking Outward

After moving from Romania to Spain in 2015, the office life began to wear me down. While I enjoyed – and learned a great deal – from working with such awesome teams, the commute and sitting in offices weren’t ideal. I decided to use my B2B experience and seek out external contracts. And VMDX was born!

“Going local” wasn’t an option for me since I wanted to avoid old school management methods like requiring accountant signatures, corporate bank accounts, etc. A remote company was the best idea.

What Made e-Residency Stand out

My brother was an IT security specialist with the EU Commission and told me about Estonia’s growing digital capabilities – especially because it was hosting top European cybersecurity contests.

For my business needs, the e-Residency stood out for a few major reasons:

  • I didn’t need to be connected to a specific country.
  • It supports the growth of small businesses
  • I wouldn’t need to pay VAT until a certain income threshold.
  • It cost nothing to start a company and came with zero long-term commitments or initial paperwork.

This was an amazing opportunity that I couldn’t pass up.

What I Love Doing – & What I Learned to Delegate

As a technically-oriented person, my biggest learning curve was framing the benefits of VMDX’s services. When working in-house, I never had to consider how to promote high-level ownership and responsibility outside of my design work. I started gaining advice from other industry experts, taking notes where my work had the greatest and least effective impact, and the circumstances that led to my biggest successes.

Another important milestone was learning how to delegate work and effectively mentoring others. My goal is to guide my team and ensure that their work is on par to what my clients’ expectations are. As any manager will tell you, team management is an ongoing process.

I was hesitant about opening a company after seeing the financial knowledge and professional networks that my business-owning friends had (knowing the right people definitely makes things go faster).

But developing these elements doesn’t interest me: I wanted to find the right team to manage this, and that’s where Companio comes in.

Companio Provides Me with New Ways of Doing Business

After gaining e-Residency, I waited about a year to actually start my company. When a client wanted to work with me, I needed to learn how Estonian companies work, what steps were required, etc. It was quickly apparent that I couldn’t figure this out on my own.

I found Companio and the pricing seemed very reasonable, especially compared to starting a company in Spain or even Romania. My first discussions with their support team helped me feel that everything would be taken care of for me. From their web articles to answering all of my questions, their knowledge (and willingness to share this knowledge) is a major highlight of their services!

When it came to developing new ways of working with customers, Companio helped me immensely – especially when it came to invoices. I also had greater access to certain customers that I didn’t have before. Honestly, I see you more as my business consultants who can help me understand complicated business elements – and find legal practices that work!

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We pride ourselves on providing thousands of international clients with individualized advice. Whether you require details about invoicing or need to speak to someone about the best VAT practices, Companio’s affordable rates and quick response times keep you focused on what matters: growing your business.