About Companio

Ignacio is a multipotentialite, apart from being a location-independent entrepreneur, senior software engineer, and the CEO of Companio, he blogs regularly about entrepreneurship and the digital nomad lifestyle, has written two self-published books to date, composed thirteen albums of minimalist piano music, and talks regularly about digital nomadism and the future of work at places such as Running Remote, Jumpstart Magazine. Ignacio is a minimalist, proud of the fact that all his properties fit in a small suitcase. He likes meditation and green tea, and values his time over all other things. You won't find him on social media. Once a cubicle rat, he quit his nine to five job and became a freelancer first, an entrepreneur later, and finally left Spain to lead a nomadic life. He is an advocate of the freedom of the individual against all forms of control from nation-states. He believes everybody should be free to choose where they want to live, work, do business, and collaborate with their communities. His own experience trying to manage his business online, and discovering alternatives such as the e-Residency Program of Estonia led him to launch Companio to help other entrepreneurs break free from bureaucracy and geographical limitations.